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Earth Roamer, the 5 Star Off Road Motorhome

Earth Roamer, is the pinnacle of luxury for an off road Motorhome
Some of the best manufacturer’s are those that decide what they want or need is not on the market so they make it.
Bill Swails is just such a gentleman whose desire to travel off road with ease and in comfort whilst taking a 5 star apartment with him made everyone’s dream come true when he designed the Earth Roamer range in 1998.


Mr Swails takes a capable Ford F-550 then starts working his magic. By adding air suspension at a touch of a button the vehicle can be adjusted on all four corners, with 3 different travel heights and fitted with cameras for rear view, infrared forward camera and under carriage view you have full all round visibility to cross most off road obstacles without leaving the cab.
The principle behind the design of this vehicle is to get to where you want to go despite the terrain and then stay for as long as you want. The banks of solar panels mingle with fans, a HD satellite TV antenna and a digital broadcast antenna on the roof so everything is powered and provided for.
Internally the luxury flows seamlessly from the cab into the living area where innovation creates many simple and effective solutions maximising the space for its various requirements. Two adjustable sofas face each other that double up as another bed and hide the kitchen worktop extensions, various tables fold out and the TV swivels on a long arm for multiple viewing positions, there’s even an external TV slotted in. (how American is that!)
A kitchen is fitted with cupboards and draws holding everything tight to avoid noise and breakages whilst all the electrics, lights, TVs, hob, microwave oven and full sized compressor fridge freezer run from the solar system. The tricks continue into the bathroom as this door interlocks with the wardrobe door to double the space giving access to your clothes just when you need them, there is even a washing line that pulls out for drying clothes, something us English folk will appreciate when trying to find somewhere to put our sodden coats.


Everything is thought of, external storage, internal storage area for long items like skis’, wine rack, pads to block the cab off to ensure full enjoyment from the insulated body, ladders slide out, it’s a true wonder where compromise was the only item not on the build list.
To be honest this vehicle needs to be seen to be believed and even then your eyes aren’t quite sure if it’s a trick of the camera or a Tardis on four wheels. I doubt many will be seen on your average campsite as it natural habitat is out in the the wild back of beyond and if that’s your place to be you’ll need this as ‘Glamping’ takes on a 5 star status.


Check it out this very special vehicle here for an interior tour …


Check out the exterior tour on their web page Earth Roamer


And a personal note to Mr Swails if he’s reading this and you need a demonstration model to tour Europe ….. we can help, “please”.




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  1. Bill, your creative genius coupled with Chiseled perfection in Earthroamer “Chariots”,is surely “Putting people’s dreams in Perspective”. Thanks for moments to smile.

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