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Drakkar … with a taste for adventure

A concept rear-wheeled drive enduro trike named the Drakkar has been tantalisingly released by BRP. The design by Ashish Thurlkar a designer from Bangalore, India is an enduro/off road version of the Can-Am Spyder launched a decade ago.
Looking like something from the Mad Max world, the Drakkar will be powered by a hydrogen two-stroke engine producing an impressive 166 of horsepower and fitted with a vehicle stability programme adjustable for all road types to save face, both physically and egotistically.Drakkar-trike-concept
The Drakkar has been conceived as an all purpose bike able to ride on any terrain be it dirt, gravel, mud, even the black top as well as cope with any weather from snow to icy extremes. This will enable the rider to enjoy the trike all year around and across all continents making it the must have go anywhere adventure vehicle.
A “carving seat” with a motorised force system built in over the 800cc two stroke direct injection hydrogen powered engine will allow the pilot to feel more at one with the vehicle leaning into the bends taking full benefit from the stability system.
Once the intelligent stability system program has been informed via the dashboard which tyres have been fitted and the current season, the trike will take care of the changing driving conditions, so the rider gets to fully immerse themselves in the experience.
Fingers crossed the Drakkar will become a reality because all things promised it looks and sounds like one exciting bit of kit.








Pictures; Charles Bombardier


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