Stonehenge by-way … Don’t Loose It !!!

Calling all 4×4’s owners. Another route is under threat of underhanded closure methods, sign the petition to keep our countryside open. Please note the council sign designed to emotionally blackmail 90% of those that would normally use the lane to not use it. Of course if they do deter us they can then close it due to lack of use.

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Stonehenge in Wiltshire has only one right of way ‘Byway 12’ aka ‘The Drove’ left open for the public to enjoy. Unfortunately it is now under threat of closure. Why? Because they want us to pay to park and access Stonehenge. This is the only option for families to enjoy a close view of the stones without paying the extortionate amount of £50 for a family ticket

Byway 12 is a Public Access Route that allows us the general public to not only enjoy the Wiltshire landscape but this English Landmark Stonehenge.

Please follow the link below to register your vote and help keep our lanes open.


Sign up here to help.


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