DMC … G or not to a G ???

DMC a young German company that has a logo of ‘making good things better”.
Well with this G Wagen build we’re not so sure …dmc-g88-limited-edition_(4)_660
With only a run of five units they will be very rare, but you have to ask the question would the demand be there anyway?
These vehicles seem to hit the height for the tuned up tackiness of the California highway street life scene … to us five good vehicles wasted.
If you believe appropriate comment that is made of carbon fiber ‘pure’ and dry, I imagine that will address not using any type of polymer resin or carbon fiber reinforced. The tires have different sizes to choose from, ranging from 23 to 25 inches with 305/30 tires and under the bonnet sits a 700bhp lump that has dmc-g88-limited-edition_(8)_660had new crank, camshafts and exhausts, to mention but a few components.


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