Discovery of Locomotion … by Land Rover


Land Rover have always taken the crown when it comes to marketing ideas to demonstrate their products, so why would they change for the Discovery Sport’s campaign.

So the marketing gurus at Land Rover came up with “ lets tow a hundred ton train through Switzerland for 10 miles”


The Discovery Sport 2.0d 180 hp has an approved towing capacity of 2,500 kg, but not quite recommended for a weight of 60 times that of the vehicle itself. It’s not the first time Land Rover engineers designed a test of this type.discovery-sport-tren_hd_88123

In 1989 a Land Rover Discovery 1 Series pulled a train, but had tweaked gearbox. The Discovery Sport used a completely standard automatic nine speed box and the only modification to the vehicle were free wheeling rail dolly wheels, a transformation made by Aquarius Railroad Technologies for the stunt.


Three major factors were that allowed the feat were:

1,The torque of 430 Nm at 1,750 rpm.

2,The automatic transmission torque converter with a first gear of only 7.2 m / 1,000 rpm

3, The torque all wheel drive sent to the rear axle, preventing the front skid. According to Land Rover, the system used during the test All Surface Progress Control that maintains a low speed automatically without the driver stepping on the accelerator.


The Discovery Sport has other systems that facilitate driving with a trailer, such as Tow Assist, which adjusts the stability control to counteract the inertia of the trailer and improve stability. The Tow Hitch Assist helps the driver to make engagement with guiding graphics on the image captured by the rear camera.


So if you need to drag a train around locally, this is the car for you …


Check out the video …






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