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Diesel Fuel Oil from Plastic Bottles ???

Recently we had a video highlighted to us from Youtube relating to recycling plastic bottles, or more to the point turning them into fuel oil.
Our first comments were pretty much disbelief, however … after conducting a few hours research it appears to be true and a possible process. We found several videos on line in which this process is demonstrated by DIY chemists in back garden fuel from plasticscenarios, but by far the most authenticated video is from the United Nations University (see video below).
In passed news reports we are told of large floating islands of plastic waste in various oceans, the time scale for decomposition ,etc, etc. Imagine just 2 plastic items, bottles and carrier bags that are disposed of, to remove these from going to land fills would be a huge benefit to the environment.
The big question is … if this knowledge has been in the public and scientific domain for so long why has it not gone into large scale production considering the entire plastic waste produced on a daily basis by today’s modern society.
The bottom line is for a commercial venture, it has not been worth it. It takes more energy from a power source to produce the recycled fuel that the energy returns that is gained from the process. However due to new technologies this may soon be viable and is currently being developed to the next stage by a select few.
It is all a move in the right direction but needs to be refined (pardon the pun) further to become an economic process for us all to set up back garden processing plants to cut out those greedy oil companies. Eventually you could not only pouring the used cooking oil into that old diesel tank but the bottle too !!!

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UN University video …