land rover-discovery-towing

Diesel Discovery … pulling another train by road


Over the years, motor manufacturers have performed a wide range of stunts to prove the capability of their trucks and SUVs. The latest fashion seems to be how much their products can tow. Porsche used a Cayenne to tow the double-decker Airbus A380, but alas, only 42 metres, and when a Toyota Tundra towed the Endeavor space shuttle? The new Discovery’s first stunt was to tow a train through the Swiss mountains, now Land Rover’s latest stunt is the new Discovery towing a 100 metre 121 tonne Australian “road train,” a truck with multiple trailers.
This isn’t the first time Land Rover has done towing stunts, since multiple generations of the Discovery have towed heavier-than-recommended loads.  However this load is a little unique, it’s heavier than a normal road train. According to Land Rover, road trains in Australia are restricted to a maximum of four trailers. This train is seven trailers, plus the tractor unit and a sprinkling of ballast.


The total weight of 108 tonnes is about 31 times the 3.490 kg towing capacity of the diesel Discovery. Also interesting to note is that the diesel Discovery has a slightly lower maximum towing capacity than the petrol version, which is rated up to 3.719kg.

As you’ll see in the video below, the Land Rover does manage to move the massive line of trailers, in fact, it managed to tow the road train 9.9 miles and hit a top speed of 27 mph. This stunt was done with the diesel Discovery, which uses a turbocharged 3.0ltr V6 making 254 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque. Check it out …




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