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Demisting the Defender

Our defenders might be built to go anywhere in any weather but seeing where we’re going in cold and damp weather is another matter. So if you’re tired of constantly opening your side window and getting a blast of natures elements or having to wipe it for a decent view then a Demister Set is your solution.
The Defender Demister is a plastic molding designed to fit on top of each dash vent and with just 2 screws each they are easy and quick to fit. The demister redistributes your airflow up on to your windscreen in 2 places as well as being directed at the side window.
They cost £59 with free delivery in the UK from


If you’re handy, got a spare 3 hours and prefer an invisibly fitted system then the Defender Vent by defender-ventMud UK could be the answer. Designed with a larger outlet to fit in the top of the dash and an additional tube to direct air to the side of the dash to demist the side windows. You will need to cut the appropriate holes in your dash but all tubing will fit neatly out of sight. This system costs £110.83 plus post from Mud UK


If you a DIY person and have more time then money then check out the Land Rover Technical Blog for a list of equipment and instructions.


A excellent solution either way with peace of mind for a clear view when you’re negotiating road junctions in these winter months.
Do you have one already fitted? … then leave a comment below to give your views to other Defender owners.


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