Defending the Defender …

The demise of the Land Rover Defender is now an accepted fact, but before production officially finishes this year whispers are abound that this iconic name could be seen again next year with a concept design rumoured to have globally available interchanging parts.
Whilst at a US motor show Land Rover Design Director Gerry McGovern confirmed the new Defender will have a more modern appearance, safety requirements, aerodynamics and CO2 emissions regulations steer a design in certain directions. The successor will be “incredibly durable, it needs to be thoroughly modern but capture the essence and honesty of the original”. The company are in no rush because the descendent must be worthy. ‘‘It has to be even more capable than the original and kick shit out of everything else off road”.
The Defender hasn’t changed shape since its inception in 1948; Gerry remarked “if the Defender had changed through a natural cycle every 10 years, through 60 years what would it be like today? That’s the answer you’re looking for, that’s what we need to create. I’m not going to tell you what they are but the most important thing is relevance. They need to be relevant to a world that has changed massively since the original Defender was created, there will be a family off them” he teased.

Can we expect seven-seats? Long wheelbase? Pick-ups? There’s a diverse historic variety to reflect back on to help bring range to the New Defender ‘family’. Land Rover intends to make the Defender a significant player in its global sales manufacturing the new models aluminium chassis in Solihull, UK along side Range Rovers.


Meanwhile, Jaguar Land Rover is concentrating on class-leading vehicles for off-road prowess, currently working on a fourth vehicle to slot between the Evoque and Range Rover Sport. We are informed that this project will be unleashed to the world before the new Defender, which is earmarked for 2018.
The New Discovery 5 will fill a new requisite, more a go anywhere family orientated then rural work vehicle. The new Discovery generation is rumoured to be a technology leader allowing Land Rover to debut their “see-through bonnet”, using cameras to view the underside and directly in front of the vehicle images are displayed on a heads up display so the bonnet appears invisible.

Land rover bonnet  Transparent bonnet


Transparent Bonnet Technology;


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