Defender production … to move and continue?

This week the JLR Group has finally officially admitted that they are “investigating” the option to continue production of the Defender at another plant outside of the EU on a smaller volume than at present.
This will allow the Defender manufacture to continue without the European restrictions that have caused its demise in the UK.
There have been whispers for the past few months on this subject, throughout the industry and especially defender-production-to-movein our office, to the location where production will be moved.
India is a good choice, due to being the home of TATA, and a country with plentiful low cost labour.
Russia is a Mr. Putin, no no.
China is getting a little too expensive and not in favour with JLR after copying the Range Rover Evoke recently, calling it the Land Wind.
The USA is already out of the running due to their new vehicle construction regulations, the south Americas … feasible, but a little iffy on the political side of stability.
Only time will tell, and we are sure it will be within the next 10 months before the panel presses finally stop at Solihull.
We will keep you informed.

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