Defender production gets extension into 2016

Contrary to Land Rovers announcement earlier this year that production of the Defender will cease by the end of 2015, the talk is they will continue into the new year due to demand for the vehicle.
Sales are up by 29% as customers are desperate to replace older units and increase fleet sizes prior to the close of production.


The Birmingham Post has spoken to factory workers who tell of production spilling over into February and even as far as April from one source.
Land Rover have strongly denied this, stating that the over run may last until the end of January 2016.
So the tough old Defender has proven yet again it will not go under without a fight, after tackling everything the world can throw at it, from freezing glaciers to swamp like jungles a few technocrats from Brussels are nothing to stop at … even if it is only for a few months … it’s a last poke in the eye for those who want the Defender gone.
Land Rover do have the vehicles replacement tucked away in a safe room in the bowels of Solihull with probably better security than Area 51 stateside, only time will show us what to expect.
We wait …


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