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Defender draw locker … by Mud Stuff

Mud Stuff the well known accessory makers for Landies have done it again and produced a Cubby-Box Locker that cleverly hides a locking security draw underneath your Defender centre cubby box. As an added bonus, your comfort levels are enhanced due to rising the padded top to a more suitable armrest position.
Mature Land Rover Defenders are hardly the safest place to keep your valuables and judging by the high level of thefts neither are the modern ones, we’ve mistakenly opened a friend’s Defender with our Defender’s key! Hmmm one key fits all, especially on worn locks.
Keeping valuables out of site is one accomplishment to discourage the opportunist thief but preferable to lock them up especially with all the high tech equipment carried in today’s world, such as your Tablets and Sat-Navs’ to mention but a few.
The Mud Cubby-Box locker comes in two designs both giving an extra 11 litres of secure storage.


For the Defender 90, there is a hinged version that lifts the upper cubby box to rest against the bulkhead exposing the secure lockable compartment underneath.


The second design for the 110, slides the upper box back on stainless steel draw slides into the rear seat foot well, they have kindly fitted a lock feature to the slides to prevent the cubby box returning on it’s own soCUBBY-BOX-LOCKER fingers wont get trapped or worse valuables damaged when the car is on an hill. Both boxes come with two dividers for customising the space and rubber base lining to protect you items and reduce noise.
Three 28mm holes are pre-drilled and covered with blanking plugs, one at the front plus two at the rear allowing the addition of 12v or USB power point sockets.
More information; MUD STUFF


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