Defender 2 … it is out there



The Defender is already undergoing road testing, according to Jaguar Land Rover chief Dr Ralf Speth, who stated he has driven several prototypes of the model.


The appearance of the car, believed to be similar to the  images shown, has now been decided and looks “fantastic” stated Dr. Speth.

With design and engineering now at the stage of production development, on road testing is being conducted. Speth declined to put a timeframe on the Defender’s debut, but it’s widely tipped to be 2018 at the earliest, but he did say, “It is coming. We are working an authentic successor of the predecessor. I have to say it was one of my saddest moments in my career at Jaguar Land Rover, when we stopped the production line of the Defender.”


Confirming it will not have relation to the Discovery Sport and Evoke, Speth stated that it will be “pretty different” from other models in actual body componentry, because a vehicle of this capability has to be very tough indeed.

“There is no question of the new Defender just being an icon. We are working on an authentic successor to the old Defender. The architecture will contain a lot of elements that are different from other aluminium cars”.



Production has now been confirmed to take place at the Solihull plant.

Land Rover has previously been reluctant to confirm its next Defender project, with the firm understood to be struggling to justify the cost of a model which is relatively low volume, yet which needs to offer world class off-roading abilities and general reliability, something its predecessor is famed for.



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