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Dasall Ltd is a UK lighting specialist whose products are designed to give you the advantage. Their products are rated amongst the highest quality and brightest output making them the light of choice by Ultra4 drivers. Built to feel at home in the harshest of conditions, this makes their performance lighting products ideally suited for off-road racing, track motorsport, agriculture, forestry, mining, dasallcommercial and marine applications. Dasall are committed to providing innovative technologies and always guarantee high quality. Not only will their products dramatically increase your light output but they will also significantly decrease your power consumption compared to older technologies, greatly reducing the load on your vehicle’s electrical system.
With a lifespan of over 17 years of constant running for 8 hours a day, Dasall’s carefully chosen LED’s are built to last. Using the latest technology and specially selected materials, Dasall has achieved the highest possible water & dust proof ratings of IP68 and IP69K on their products. What this means is total protection from dust ingress and a waterproof seal strong enough to withstand high pressure cleaning. This offers complete assurance that all Dasall’s products conform to the highest protection rating on the scale, making them a perfect choice for tough Off-road racing where reliability is king.
With excellent customer care and service you can guarantee the people at Dasall will guide you through the process of selecting the correct lighting system for your applications from 4×4 use to quarrying and land management. All fittings and fixing instructions are available with the kits, but if you need more, help and advice is only at the end of the phone line.
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