Citroen unveil a 4×4 concept mini van at Geneva

Dubbed the ‘SpaceTourer Hyphen’, the concept 4×4 people carrying minivan is derived from the standard Space Tourer MPV.
The bazar name “Hyphen” has been taken from the French electro band Hyphen Hyphen, and with a strange explanation why from Citroen, we decided to just nod and smile at that one.
With the brightest shade of orange on the exterior and interior, a strange canvas strap theme to the interior trim, it features a toughened-up body kit with all-road-style plastic arches and sill guards, the 4×4 could be a practical little machine for the adventure camper or activity hunter.
A good target audience would probably be the young out door enjoying family types, but a change of colour and interior trim tweaks would go down well before production were to be considered, as with all concepts.
Citroen have yet to confirm if the 4×4 Space Tourer variant will go into production.



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