2014 grand-cherokee

Chrysler Grand Cherokee recall … airbags deploy when off roading!

Chrysler is recalling 168 thousand Jeep’s Cherokee built between January 1st 2013 and November 19th 2014.
The Cherokee has exceeded the manufacturers expectations at achieving some extreme angles whilst off-roading with their owners. We are surprised that Cherokee owners are getting their cars dirty and seriously off-roading them and it appears Chrysler had the same attitude when setting the Occupants Restraint Control (ORC) that influences the rollover threshold and the activation of the side-curtain airbag.
To avoid any sudden shock of the airbags activating whilst negotiating a tricky off-road manoeuvre Chrysler are recalling and fixing for free the fault from the 26th of March.
This fault is separate from the Grand Cherokees’ 2012 recall affecting those built between 2002-2004. Due to an electrical fault the front and side airbags were unexpectedly deploying causing 81 injuries to date. Unable to locate the electrical fault Chrysler is now replacing the entire airbag control module.
Todate Chrysler have had to recall vehicle numbers into six figure digits due to varying problems with airbag issues over recent years


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