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Chinese Military Shovel WJQ-308 … a multi-tool

Not everything made in China is of poor quality, for example Apple laptops & I phones head this way from there, it’s all down to the materials used, quality checks and testing procedures.
So when China made a military shovel for its own army the materials, design and quality was top end, so much so that it has a world wide reputation for being the best at what it was built for, survival.
Not only is the shovel a “shovel” but a multi function tool incorporating spanners, axe, saw, wire cutters, bottle opener, hammer and more … basically a Swiss army knife disguised as a spade !
It was invented by a serviceman, who based it on his combined experience of combat and training as well as his in-depth research on military and civilian shovels. He added more than ten combat functions to a military shovel that can greatly increase its usefulness to troops under field conditions or anybody in a survival situation. Combines 18 functions such as digging, sawing, chopping, cutting, picking, prying, hammering and measuring.
The WJQ-308 is manufactured by the Beijing Jinqiu Guoshi E&T Company who claim that “268 process procedures and 48 inspections, make for perfect quality.” They also stress that the combination of more functions and less weight in a single, multi-purpose tool will “save your strength and time”.
The working parts of the WJQ-308 use steel with a hardness rating at HRC 47-51, yet only weights 0.85kg.  Overall length is just less than two feet or 59cm.  The folded length is a compact 15 3/4“ 40cm and the shovel comes with it’s own carry bag.
So if you are stuck in the snow or mud this is a light compact folding shovel ready to assist, but if you are sat around an open fire with a few bottles to open you can also reach for the shovel to crack the beer and then slice the chicken for the BBQ, that should shock a few of your pals …
The WJQ-308 Military Shovel is available online at various outlets including eBay and Amazon.
Expect to pay around £55 to £60



Check out this “ropey” but gets the point across promo video …

oh’ & you may want to turn the volume down … unless you like cowboy music …


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