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Chase Trucks … the forgotten heroes of offroad racing

A chase truck is defined as; A highly modified truck that carries the crew, gear, supplies and operational equipment in support of a race truck.



Chase trucks must be highly capable off road both in strength, power and endurance. They must be able to handle the terrain of the racecourse, whilst being loaded down with spare parts and tools capable of fixing anything on the race truck or itself.
These trucks are usually the tow dogs that bring the race truck to the events and then traverse the course to the series of pit areas. Once the events have concluded, they are loaded up to drag back everything to the race team HQ.
We’re not talking about your typical pre-runner here; these behemoths are every bit as important as the race trucks themselves.



The gear carried is not just a few spare wheels and hand tools, but welders plasma cutters, compressors, generators, extra batteries, power tools and all the ancillaries that go with them. So for your average truck, the weight limit would probably have been met with just those items listed, then add your crew and camping gear with life support items like food and water especially if you are desert racing.
bullet-proof-chase-truck-storageAdd then a trailer and race car to your weight, you will need some serious pulling power and suspension to cope with all of this travelling around to competitions.
Obviously these pretty special vehicles tend to have very little stock items to them especially on the rolling chassis. With upgraded or chipped engines strengthened chassis, uprated competition spec. suspension, axles, brakes, wheels and tyres, custom built rear bodies to accommodate the gear, roll cages, external racks and carrying frames for even more gear! Don’t forget the incorporated flexible lighting for driving and working in pitch-black hostile environments repairing a race vehicle.



Oh yes, remember they also have to be pretty nimble and quick to get to that stranded race truck waiting for help as the clock ticks.
As you can see, these seriously capable trucks have to be something very special indeed to achieve good results in their line of work.
So credit where credit is due … hats off to the chase trucks and the guys behind them.


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