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Challenge South West … by NRG Racing

Last weekend we had a go at the Challenge Southwest event at Yelland Farm. It was a different style of event to our norm and required a lot of heavy winching, something we don’t do much of!
We started fifth off the line and charged into the section very quickly finding there was little or no traction! We drove a bog that apparently all the other cars winched which I was happy with! Although it was about the only part of the course that we didn’t deploy the Gigglepin winches. The course took a right and then we were fired up a steep climb. We got about halfway up before Jason had to jump out with the rope. We quickly got back under control and dropped down the opposite slope, before firing into a gulley barely wide enough to fit though. We had been planning on racing so the tyres were at race pressure… 25psi. It meant we had no grip whatsoever! 2 winch pulls later and we started to get some really bad black smoking which led me to believe and injector we had been having trouble with had given up. Combined with a water leak from the P gasket, we decided to pull out of the way and let some trucks go past. We had no tools on board as the recent revamps have taken nearly all of our storage space. We decided to retire and helped Mike off of the course in his SJ.
Back at the pits we investigated the problem some more and found the smoking issue to be the air filter blocking up and strangling the engine. We shortened the air intake and have plans to re route it. So we headed out for another attempt atnrg-racing the lap, where we drove a lot more than on the previous lap! However when dropping down the hill after climbing the whole thing driving, we slid into a tree. A bit of inventive rigging with the winch and we managed to get back on track, not without a slightly bent bumper and damaged ego. We got to the bottom of the second slope before we had to winch but then it got serious! We were dragging the landy across the hill to get to the punch section when through a bit of miss judged driving and winching we were on our side in a gulley… Using the method we had before we dragged ourselves out and started heading up the track to the punch section but as we were the last car off the line we had a short time to complete the lap and we timed out before we could carry on.


nrg-motorsportDisappointed with our day we dropped out and headed back to camp. We had some thinking to do, the Sunday was a punch Hunt and we had struggled enough with the lap let alone punch hunts. In the end we decided to head out and give it our best shot, what is there to lose? As it happened it was a good shout as we both enjoyed Sunday morning!
First up we found some easy punches and got them quickly before we found a slightly harder punch. Though it didn’t look too bad… We tried to drop into it from the opposite bank to its location and drive up the river… Only the visible river was about 6″ deep and no more than a trickle… The mud surrounding it was about 37″ trep deep. The poor landy sank, and sank, and sank! We struggled on the punch for a while but it would be impossible to get without a centre winch to right the car every time we tried to pull forwards,so we decided to get out and explore the lower quarry section of the site. We got about 5 punches in there before we decided to call it quits. Without a centre or rear winch the landy was always trying to lie down and it was making it nearly impossible to get a lot of the punches so we decided to leave early and get on with pressure washing.
Thanks to my mum for towing the landy there, Jason for Co driving again, dad for doing a lot of the prep work on the landy, Will Webster for helping us out getting the truck ready to go for Sunday and to Adam, Jordan and the rest of CSW for organising a great event!
Thanks to our sponsors;  Opie Oils  Winch-it Limited  Profender Shocks


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