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Driving in hot conditions …

  It’s summer and boy have we had some punishing heat this year even if it was brief ‘so far’, but soaring temperatures aren’t just hard work for us it could mean trouble for your vehicle. If you are heading abroad then you should check out your engine cooling system before the trip to warmer […]

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Steel or Synthetic … winch rope

  If you’re in the market for treating yourself to a new winch you’ll recognise the first decision to make is Wire Cable or Synthetic Rope?   Unless it’s just a bumper ornament, a winch is an important additional piece of equipment to the truck. There are times when a winch is all that’s holding […]

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4X4 Driving … mistakes

  Are you guilty from any of the top 7 sins in 4×4 driving? It’s a learning curve adapting from road to track and there’s no road signs to help us. Can you hold you hand up and honestly say you’re innocent from any of these 7 mistakes.   Overweight? Do you know your Maximum […]

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Fuel Pump problems … what to look for

  Todays modern vehicles that use internal combustion engines come equipped with fuel pumps. The fuel pump is responsible for delivering fuel from the tank to the engine at the appropriate pressure required to meet the demand. When the key is turned on, the fuel pump is activated and pressurised, which can be heard as […]

driving in ice
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Windows to see through …

Clearing your windows on a winter’s day is not just a pain in the morning before the commute; it means you’re also on the right side of the law. Section 229 of the Highway Code states “Before you set off you MUST be able to see in all four directions from your vehicle, so clear […]