OIL … Mineral or Synthetic ?

  Synthetic or conventional, which is the better oil?   Many gear-heads will swear by synthetic oil, while more frugal car owners may opt for conventional due to its lower price and the fact it still meets minimum standards. Such opinions aren’t really backed by much independent scientific research, and that’s why the American Automobile Association […]


BioDiesel … the oily facts

  The world over, there are specialists desperately seeking alternative fuels for the internal combustion engine, from plastic bottles to plants, everything is getting closely looked at for any potential offerings. So here we are taking a look a little deeper into Biodiesel, with the facts and figures, including some processing plant options. Now, yes we […]


Batteries … simplified

A dead battery, left the car lights on overnight? If not, it could be battery failure. Car batteries don’t warrant much thought until they start failing. That horrible noise as you turn the ignition, or worse just an ominous clicking sound telling you the battery is truly dead. Winter always causes extra strain on a […]


Transferred … by Syncro Gearboxes

Syncro Gearboxes have been working their magic again, introducing 3 new gearbox upgrades for the Land Rover marque, the INTRAspec LT230, Duraspec LT230 and the ULTRAspec LT230. The original LT230 is a very capable transfer box but like many things it has its flaws. They’ve added a few simple upgrades to make their LT30 range […]