Product Road Test

An Overlanders Hot Tub

  Ever sat there outside your truck on a camping expedition, under the evening sky, with a cool beer thinking “I could just do with a soak in a hot tub” … Well, Ta Dah!! A foldaway Hot Tub that fits in a 14”x16”x30” duffel bag and includes a water-heating coil, Now that’s got be to […]

Work Horse

The X Class pick up is revealed

  In South Africa on Tuesday night came the Global unveiling of the long awaited Mercedes X-Class or to us 4x4ers their new Pick-up. Clearly, Mercedes wants to prove its first-ever pickup is as adept at tackling terrain as it is smart looking, by the next morning journalists were herded into the demo trucks to […]

4x4-hot weather-driving
Top Tips

Driving in hot conditions …

  It’s summer and boy have we had some punishing heat this year even if it was brief ‘so far’, but soaring temperatures aren’t just hard work for us it could mean trouble for your vehicle. If you are heading abroad then you should check out your engine cooling system before the trip to warmer […]

Top Tips

Steel or Synthetic … winch rope

  If you’re in the market for treating yourself to a new winch you’ll recognise the first decision to make is Wire Cable or Synthetic Rope?   Unless it’s just a bumper ornament, a winch is an important additional piece of equipment to the truck. There are times when a winch is all that’s holding […]


OIL … Mineral or Synthetic ?

  Synthetic or conventional, which is the better oil?   Many gear-heads will swear by synthetic oil, while more frugal car owners may opt for conventional due to its lower price and the fact it still meets minimum standards. Such opinions aren’t really backed by much independent scientific research, and that’s why the American Automobile Association […]

Top Tips

4X4 Driving … mistakes

  Are you guilty from any of the top 7 sins in 4×4 driving? It’s a learning curve adapting from road to track and there’s no road signs to help us. Can you hold you hand up and honestly say you’re innocent from any of these 7 mistakes.   Overweight? Do you know your Maximum […]

Classic & Vintage

Dodge WC 56 Command Car

  Well known for their rugged trucks since their formation in 1914, Dodge were quick to start making the WC models for WWII under US war department contracts. The Dodge WC series was a range of light military trucks produced by Dodge and Fargo during World War II. The series included weapon carriers, telephone installation trucks, ambulances, reconnaissance vehicles, mobile workshops and command cars. […]