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300,000th G Wagen rolls off the line

  After nearly 40 years of production, the 300,000th Mercedes-Benz G-Class has rolled off the line. The iconic Geländewagen, or G-Wagen for short, was never intended to be the school running Chelsea tractor. It started life as a lowly work truck and military vehicle before being adopted as another stylish 4×4 accessory. While modern versions come with high quality leather interiors, […]

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Tyre Care … holding on

  How often do you check your tyres? Looking after your tyre’s is important, they keep us on track?   Anyone who’s experienced a blow out especially at speed or whilst crawling a tricky track will confirm it’s a shock. With the initial fright from the loud bang as the tyre bursts and before there […]

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Toyota HiLux … possible roll implications

  Swedish publication Teknikens Värld has conducted an emergency maneuver test known as the ‘Moose Test’, with various European popular crew cab pickups. The test involves performing a sharp avoidance turn and then straightening back up,  the test simulates what kind of evasive driving you have to do in order to not crash into something […]