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Camel Trophys’ … at the 10th Land Rover Party


This year the 1st and 2nd of October is the 10th annual Land Rover Party at Les Comes in Suria, Barcelona, Spain.


To celebrate Pep Vila the renowned Dakar Truck category winner and owner of Les Comes vast estate is pulling out all the stops inviting the Camel Trophy Land Rovers back to his home for a conference with the participants on the Saturday afternoon to hear their tales of adventure, so if you don’t want to miss out, you’d better book those tickets quick.


Back in 1989 Les Comes not only helped organise the training and selections for the different teams of The Camel Trophy but the final competition that decided the lucky teams to participate in the Camel Trophy Adventure. This is the challenge whose slogan was ‘1000 miles of adventure’, designed to test both men and machines in some of the most inhospitable places of the planet.
The Camel Trophy was conceived by the auto manufacturer to demonstrate that the slightly modified Land Rovers were dependable, had ability and endurance under the most extreme conditions after all Land Rover were the original search engine, no roads required and the first car some humans had ever seen.
This year Les Comes will be bringing a variety of these vehicles together from around the world with their 20 years of iconic supremacy for us mere mortals to ogle and wow at their pictures, videos and tales.


Land-Rover-Party-2016The Les Comes estate has a huge expanse of area for you to test your skills, it is the Iberian peninsulas only Land Rover Experience Centre, with natural and man made obsticles.
Its your choice which of the 60km of tracks you want to tackle across the mountains, they are all colour coded and clearly marked so if you don’t fancy testing your metal to the extreme just opt for the gentler routes and enjoy the fantastic views, if your up for something a bit more challenging you can seek comfort in the knowledge there will be someone around of Camel Trophy or G4 Challenge calibre to pull you out or guide you through. There’s an excellent adventure playground close to the house where you can drive see-saws, axel twists, mounds and slopes to name a few that draw the viewing crowds, the variety of Land Rovers that can be seen climbing everywhere across the estate is mind-boggling. It’s hard to believe you haven’t just stumbled across green oval Seventh Heaven.
If your driving skills could do with a polish to get the maximum from your Land Rover there is a 4×4-driving course available to help improve your understanding of what these awesome machines can do, after all 7 decades of production is more then proof especially when you consider more the 70% of the product is still in use and loved to this day.
The Land Rover Party has something for everyone, if you just want to enjoy the scenery then jump aboard an in house military vehicle for a tour or say goodbye to the women as they slope of for a bit of free pampering at the beauty parlour whilst the kids are busy being entertained climbing, zip wiring and burning energy in the children’s arena. Don’t forget to get back to the arena though for those competing on the car eating whoops or the conference for the Camel Trophy tales of adventure.
As night falls a band strikes up to bring everyone together from their camps for a drink and a chance to compare tales of the days adventures. There is so much to do for everyone the biggest challenge is fitting it all in to the two days. You don’t have to own a Land Rover to attend, but only green ovals are allowed on the courses over the weekend.
Judging by past events at Les Comes we have attended, this is going to be one party not to be missed; Les Comes has a fabulous atmosphere, it does make it feel like a great family reunion.
Happy 10th Birthday Les Comes Land Rover Party .…
     We wish you more to come


To book your ticket @; 10th Land Rover Party


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