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Bridgestone follow with air-less tyre

Bridgestone have released their design for the Airless Tyre, currently being subjected to tests before release.
Following the path of Michelin, that we reported on previously, it seems that all major tyre manufacturers are taking this route for future tyre production, saving on materials, cost and maintenance requirements by the
Bridgestone’s solution is to replace the walls of a tyre with two systems of vanes running in contrasting directions radiating out from the enlarged hub. The networks of vanes are made in thermoplastic materials that are dense enough to support the vehicle and its load whilst being pliable enough to allow the tyre to flex with the terrain usually the job of the air in a traditional tyre. This wheel assembly will be wrapped in a ‘tread belt’ which is the part designed to be replaced.
This decade the re-invention of the wheel in the form of the airless tyre is the new challenge to be safer and environmental conscious. Never again will punctures or the correct PSI for the load be a worry when these tyres hit our street but they do raise some sceptical questions.
Will they be affordable or have enough flexibility to run on sand/snow etc. which is usually when you jump out and deflate a normal tyre. How safe will they be once the vanes are full of crud or stones and will we have a wide choice of colours?

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