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Bridgestone 4×4 Club Challenge … S. Africa

The Bridgestone’s 4×4 Club Challenge,
Bridgestone-4x4-Challenge held in November each year in South Africa started in 2007 as the Bridgestone Fundi Challenge. The competition been going from strength to strength ever since the overhaul in 2013 that included 10 new off-road sections, 4×4 clubs allowed to compete and other fresh teams.
With various prizes up for grabs at each round its no wonder up to 400 teams queue up to take on the challenge of it’s 10 varied qualifying heats with only the wining 3 teams of each round progressing to the Club Challenge Final. Overall winners take home for 3rd Prize ZAR 10,000 /£600/€700 of Bridgestone tyre voucher, 2nd Prize ZAR 20,000/£1200/€1400 of Bridgestone Opposite lock voucher and 1st Prize is a brand new Conqueror Camping trailer valued at        ZAR 50,000/£2850/€3600.
bridgestone 4x4 clubEach heat is independently organised by the hosting club who arrange the challenges, this allows for a healthy and varied mix with some preferring an easier obstacle round with relaxed fun activities in-between, others setting an overland orienteering challenge with obstacles and some just setting a course to test man and machine to their limits. Bridgestone’s Environmental Award is up for grabs each year as well to ensure safety and ecological awareness are always a top priority.
To qualify for entry there are some hard and fast rules and your vehicle will be scrutinised. Production vehicles only allowedbridgestone 4x4 club challenge1 to enter with tyres that do not exceed 840mm, again only original engines and suspension, although you are allowed to enhance either but any extra height gained from an over the counter upgrade suspension kit will be penalized in the final round, gear boxes must remain standard but you are allowed to fit one mainstream accredited 4×4 accessory to your vehicle.
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