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Brabus 4×4 … 700bhp Cop Truck !!

dubai cop car 4x4If you were a traffic cop in a hot country, the best way to stop the bad guys would be for them to give up and pull over just by looking at your cop car.

Well the Dubai police are well known for their choice of cars to get the bad guy’s, such as Ferraris and Lamborghinis, and the car pool has recently had a new addition in the guise of a 4×4, a Mercedes G Wagen by Brabus.

Brabus 4x4 cop truck The G700 Widestar by Brabus has 700hp and reaches 62 mph in just 4.9 seconds and a top speed of 149mph, all provided by the familiar 5.5 ltr V8 with twin turbos.

Stability of the truck at those speeds is obviously attributed to the company’s Dynamic Ride Control suspension system and each corner has the monster 23 inch Brabus mono-block forged wheels. The Widestar is encompassed by a chunky look trim which incorporate the flared wheel arches and lights to the rear.

 If you fancy one of these trucks in your garage, Brabus will be pleased to provide you a civilian version built to your trim specifications.

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