Bollinger Motors B1 4-Door

Bollinger 4 door … on its way


Earlier this summer, Bollinger Motors unveiled its B1 all electric sport utility truck on which we reported.

The off roader masterfully combines retro looks and rugged usefulness with the latest in battery electric powertrain technology. The two-door truck has a configurable cab that allows for an open bed, or an enclosed cabin with a second row of seating. Now the company is showing the first image of a four door version of the B1.

The addition of two rear doors adds 9 inches to the wheelbase and overall length, for a total of 114 and 159 inches, respectively. It also adds 6 cubic feet of cargo room for a total of 101 cubic feet. Ground clearance is unchanged, as are approach and departure angles. Breakover angle suffers a bit from the added length, at 31 degrees, down from 33.Bollinger Motors B1 4-Door

“We always wanted to make a four-door version of the B1, and our assistant designer Ross Compton and I developed a great sketch,” says Bollinger Motors Designer and CEO Robert Bollinger. “The vehicle still has great proportions and its amazing off-road capabilities remain intact since we only had to stretch the chassis by 9 inches.”

Both the two- and four-door versions of the Bollinger B1 will be available with 60-kWh or 100-kWh battery options. That orange paint colour, which we actually quite like, will indeed be available at launch.


The lengthier vehicle now provides an additional 6 cu. ft. of cargo volume for a total of 101 cu. ft. Both the 2- and 4-door variants will have the same battery options available of either 60 kWh or 100 kWh. Engineering the B1 to production is underway and additional specifications and information will be made available in future announcements.

About Bollinger Motors
Started in 2014, Bollinger Motors is a USA based company who’s HQ sits in New York State.

Bollinger say; We’re revolutionising truck and SUV design by creating the B1 – the world’s first all-electric, on-and-off-road sport utility truck (SUT). This medium size Sport Utility Truck (SUT) is truly innovative, engineered from the ground up with an all electric powertrain, unique storage options, all aluminium chassis, adjustable air suspension, and convertible cab panels. It’s second to none off road, and the perfect work truck for ranchers, builders, DIYers, or anyone looking for an electric vehicle with unparalleled traction, torque, and ground clearance. A winner in the making.


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