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Boab back up tanks … from down under

After recently giving a review on flexi tanks for fuel and water, we have now picked up on an option of rigid tanks for the same fluids and again from our cousins down under.
The Boab range pretty much covers all options to suit your requirements, if you are looking for a near unbreakable rigid poly tank for your truck.
The first one we checked out was the 45 litre flat or vertical tank, with a clever design to fix in an upright position or lying flat. Suited to stand up against a crew
boab tall tank
Lay flat or standing tank
cab/pickup or laying flat under a flatbed/traytop.
 The tank has 1/2″ brass outlets each side for connection of a hose and tap. This fitting uses standard hardware plumbing thread to allow for custom installations.   Or order their hose or 12v pump kit.
Dimensions are 1090W x 580H x 90D mm
   Free standing tank
The second innovative design is for the rear foot-wells, the 40 litre tank is sculptured to fit into most 4×4 vehicles and utility trucks. This clever design poly tank is
footwell tank
Foot-well tank
extremely strong and shaped to sit on the vehicle floor behind the front seats in cars and trucks.   The cut-out spans the transmission tunnel.  The non slip top section can be used as a floor for children or for loading luggage onto without worry.
Dimensions: 1200W x 190H x 250D mm
Transmission Tunnel Cut-out:  420mm W at base x 110H
We have only highlighted the two above tanks from a good selection of other styles that are available from Boab to suit roof racks, under wheel arch positions etc.
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