Big changes for the new – old boy Wrangler

Lightweight construction, fuel efficient engines and revamped transmissions. This is the main mix for the new Jeep Wrangler

Due in 2017, the new Wrangler will be facing stricter than ever regulations as part of America’s new fuel rules and regulations.

With an aluminum body. this is one of the main attributes to shed a few pounds

New transmissions are also expected – a major component in any fuel saving venture – it is believed the big Grand Cherokee’s eight-speed auto could be on the cards with a few tweaks to suit the Wrangler.

That’s expected to mean new engine options also, including a smaller petrol engine.

There have been questions asked if the rigid axles will be staying but no confirmation has been given either way as yet.

Still, we might also see the new model’s on-road refinement improved a little for the many buyers that never take their Wrangler off-road.

Die-hard Wrangler fans shouldn’t have too much to fear, however, with promises that while there will be changes, the new model will be no less focused.