53 ares_defender

Bespoke Defenders … just 53 to be produced


53 Bespoke Land Rover Defenders are to be created by Ares, an Italian design house based in Modena in joint collaboration with famed Land Rover tuner JE Motorworks.

At the heart of the reimagined Defender is a 282bhp, 325lb ft Rover V8 with 6 speed semi automatic gearbox, with upgraded drive shafts, differentials and a bespoke exhaust system. In addition to a two inch suspension lift, bespoke wheels and off roading add-ons like sidesteps, roofbars and winches have also been fitted.

J E Motorworks specialise in modifying Land Rover products and its Zulu Defender has been described as “the ultimate Defender”.

The heavily modified Zulu; the world’s fastest Defender, is fitted with a V8 petrol engine, an automatic gearbox and uprated suspension and could give many sports cars a run for their money.

ARES Design, founded by ex-Formula One senior manager and Ferrari commercial head Dany Bahar, has commissioned JE to produce and install a 282bhp/440Nm version of the Rover V8 mated to a 6 speed tiptronic gearbox, along with a specially designed exhaust system, uprated driveshafts, differentials and two inch lift suspension, winches, roof bars and sidesteps and exclusively designed wheels.

ARES’ dedicated production facility in Modena will host the complete aesthetic revamp, with the new interior of the Defender Limited Edition completely unrecognisable from the original and featuring aluminium, carbon fibre, hand-crafted wood and the finest Italian leather.53 ares_defender

Jonathan Douglas, chairman and chief engineer at JE, said: “We’ve been talking and developing ideas and designs with ARES for nearly a year.

“The brief was effectively what would a Jaguar Land Rover SVO version of the Land Rover Defender look like , then improve on it.

“This is an exciting design house with which to be involved and the resulting car will be spectacular.

“Every aspect of the modification is critical to us. Mechanical engineering capability of this high standard is extremely hard to find but perhaps we could have guessed such a capability would be located close to the original home of the Defender,” said Bahar.


Work has already begun on the first examples, although it’s not yet known when the first vehicles will be completed, nor how much the asking price will be.



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