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Battlefield Tours … with your 4×4

If you like history as well as the idea of sauntering through France in your 4×4 then speak to They have cleverly designed some short breaks that visit WW1 and battlefields by 4x4WW2 sites of interest.
Two of your host Carl Liversage and Nigel Stevens work for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) and have access and knowledge that makes these tours second to none. Nigel explained it’s not hard core for you car but 4×4’s can follow the soldiers’ movements across fields and into lanes. We place you right on the point of action and describe what took place there on those fateful days years ago, our trails and narration take you on a journey pursuing troops movements through trenches and the advancing frontlines.
Due to their work with the CWGC who meticulously maintains the grounds and headstones of the cemeteries they can access war-grave-toursrecords of personal stories that enable you to trace the unfortunate souls to their final resting place. If you have a relative that is buried within one of these, are happy to locate the headstone where possible, unfortunately a large number of graves remain untitled.
There are four re-arranged tours available, The Somme, Arras, The Tank and D Day but they are happy to custom tailor a tour if you have a personal interest. The dates are defined by your choice of accommodation whether camping is your desired choice or hotel making the tours feasible to all budgets and desires.
Prices are based on one vehicle and two people with additional cost for extra passengers, we suspect once you mention your intention to book a battlefieldsby4x4 tour battlefields-by-4x4your spare seats will be filling at an alarming rate.
We must confess one of these tours has gone on our bucket list.


This Years Battlefield Dates;

March 27-29 Hotel Based,  Arras

April 24-26   Hotel Based,  The Somme

May 15-17 Camping Based,  Arras

June 5-8   Camping Based,  D Day route

September 4-6 Camping Based,  The Somme

October 2-4 Hotel Based,  The Somme

October 23-25 Hotel Based,  Arras

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  1. We have been to the Somme twice now and going on the D-Day in June, absolutely the best ever. So much information and you feel like you know the soldiers when you hear the stories of what they went through. Highly recommend this tour and the people are rally nice too.

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