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Bags of help … from Milner Offroad


Are you a 4×4 Pick up owner?

Are you tired of riding hard on those rear leaf springs? Or do you just want some extra help with those heavy loads …

Well, Milner Offroad  the UK’s premier Japanese 4×4 specialists have just developed an air bag system that will fit your needs and assist your leafs.

Air Bag Kit – Milner Offroad

When leaf springs are under heavy load the ride may well become harsh with poor handling characteristics. The airbag kit Milner provide will assist the leaf sprung suspension under heavy load by becoming part of the working suspension system. The airbags reduce the amount of weight bearing down on the leaf springs allowing them to sit in their normal operational positions.

With the airbag assistance the vehicle will remain at the normal ride height, so handling characteristics are improved and the harsh ride greatly reduced, making it a safer vehicle on the road.

The airbag support system also assists when towing heavy trailers, so to improving handling capabilities and ride comfort.

Having fitted a similar kit to a 3.5tonne van, we can only say we were very surprised at what an overall improvement it did make to the vehicles characteristics. Fitting was very straightforward for any DIY mechanic, taking only 2 hours for one person, start to finish.


The kit comes with everything you need for fitting; these include chassis mountings, fixings, claps and air lines. At the moment Milner can only offer DIY kits with full instructions, but if you have any questions, those nice folk at Milner are only at the end of the phone and happy to help.

The air intake is a simple Schrader valve allowing air directly into the air bags from a foot pump, a plug in portable 12v air compressor carried in your vehicle, or an airline at your local garage. The bags do have a base setting for the 1000KG load.

The images below demonstrate the same vehicle and load with air bags inflated to standard settings and with air fully removed from the units.

NO AIR-airbags
No Air Assist
WITH AIR-airbags
With Air Assist

















Note; The air bag system is designed to assist with your standard leaf springs and is not a stand alone rear suspension system.

Milner do offer discounts for trade customers, and working 4×4 users such as farmers, plant hire, utility and land management companies

The product is now available off the shelf for the Mitsubishi L200 B40 2006-2015 model, with the Isuzu TFS and Nissan Navara kits imminent.


For more information on the airbags visit Milner Offroad


Check out the video for the airbags below;


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