Australian plan for all electric … “real” 4×4


A 155mph electric SUV that will reportedly put Land Cruisers to shame is on the drawing board by a South Australian automotive company.


Red Automotive Technologies is the brainchild of Adelaide engineer Paul van de Loo, who has grown Red from his engineering design consultancy, Applidyne. Van de Loo graduated from Adelaide University but then went on to gain a masters degree in mechanical engineering at Stanford University before forming Applidyne that has been trading for 22 years designing products and systems for defence, mining and automotive industries.


The company’s aim is to build up to 75,000 electric SUVs within 10 years in Australia, with all but 5000 earmarked for export to the USA, Middle East and Europe.


Applying for funding via the Australian Economics Senate Committee, van de Loo explained “There is a lot of activity in SUV electric or electric hybrids, but primarily in the soft-road segment, nobody is targeting the off-road capable segment. Let’s face it, there is no other country in the world that is going to build an off-road vehicle better than we can, because we use them more than anyone else. We understand what it is all about; we know that if you stop in the middle of the desert you are probably going to stay there forever. That is a natural sales advantage for us.”


Key specifications Red has targeted include a 155miles plus electric-only range, a 745 mile range with a range extending small petrol or diesel engine, 0-60mph acceleration in less than four seconds, a top speed of 155mph, ride height adjustable suspension with 375mm of ground clearance and 450mm of wheel travel, and a 3500kg braked towing capacity.



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