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Australia to get Jeep Wrangler Crew Cab

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Australia have confirmed that the cousins down under will be getting the Jeep Wrangler crew cab pickup utility by mid to late 2017 at the earliest.
The long talked about and awaited pickup from Jeep was finally announced late last year and that production of a utility truck was going to happen.
This wait is due to the next generation Wrangler on which the pickup will be based. Only a crew cab variant will be produced as information stands at present. No option of a chassis cab is planned either, the vehicle is aimed at the “lifestyle” market meaning full recreational vehicle or workhorse on a weekday and leisure at the weekend.
No talk as yet if the Utility will be heading to European shores, but with the pickup segment here standing very strong, it’s unlikely that the manufacturer will miss out the European market.



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