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AT Racing … their Welsh Xtrem Adventure

It looks like the Welsh xtrem is my curse, to say today didn’t go well would be an understatement.
The engine started to overheat on the first hill, which we inevitably got stuck on and had to winch up. I switched both fans on and watched the gauge but it never started to drop, but the steam stopped so we carried on, after clearing the first punch section and getting our first punch we headed up to the top field where we slid into a trench with 2 wheels on 1 side beaching us, right in the middle of the field. So firstly we tried a long winch pull forward (with 2 20m straps) to no avail, we then tried a rear winch pull to get us back out the way we came but the alternator issues from the previous day were haunting us and we had bugger all winch power, without enough rope to use a snatch block. Thankfully Duncan came up behind us on his second lap and made a better anchor point thank you !!!
We then made it to the mud hole and through the other side but we were overheating badly again so stopped to full up with water from the stream ? but when we tried to restart there was no power to the switch. At this point we also realised that we were overheating as the fans and starter switch were on the same fuse which had blown !!
After doing a quick repair I tried again to make it up the hill with a long run up but 20ft from the top there was a growl from the engine and a loss of power and then full engine death. We tried to bump start on the hill to no avail and to start with the bodged wiring at the bottom. But there was a rather horrible crunching and coughing, which we suspect is either a knackered head or blown piston bugger !!!



We were recovered a little while later to the pits where we packed up and headed home early. To try and beat the que out of the car park but just outside of Cardiff my discovery decided to loose power and overheat for no reason !!
Luckily I had the spares trailer and threw some more water in and limped to a petrol station where we checked it over and topped up the water. Which has been fine for the 200 miles since …
Weird !


Anyway me and Dad would like to congratulate Duncan and Henry on their superb win, and also a thank you to Nobby Geraint and all the team for organising the whole event. Thank you !
2 Welsh Xtrems, 2 Engines … one day I’ll break the kryptonite


Credits; Team AT Racing



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