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An Overlanders Hot Tub


Ever sat there outside your truck on a camping expedition, under the evening sky, with a cool beer thinking “I could just do with a soak in a hot tub” …

hot-tubWell, Ta Dah!! A foldaway Hot Tub that fits in a 14”x16”x30” duffel bag and includes a water-heating coil, Now that’s got be to worth finding room for on an expedition.


One of the things that is greatly missed when out on expedition is a hot dip to soak away the dust and those aches from the bumps and jolts of the day. ‘Bush’ showers are great, but that dust and grime can find its way into all sorts of places that only a deep dunk seems able to soothe away.


portable-hot-tubThe Original Nomad Collapsible Tub and Water Heater Coil Combo is an ingenious idea from Portland Oregon that when set up measures 60″ diameter (side to side) at the top and 56” at the bottom and stands 24″ high. The tub is made in a strong 18oz vinyl, and the floor strengthened to a 24oz vinyl with a steel rim that slides in at the top and steel legs that strap into the sides to hold it ridged whilst bathing.

Firewood or propane gas can be used for the heating system, a stainless steel coil that uses a thermo syphoning system, as the hot water is pushed out it draws the cold water in so no water pump is needed. It can achieve a water temperatures of 104F / 40C in just over 2 hours, 3 ½ hours if you’re using wild water that has a starting temperature of 45F / 7.2C, perfect timing for when you’ve set up camp, had dinner, chilled your tipple in the river and are ready for that star gazing soak. Doubles up as a great edition to your garden too.nomad-hot-tub









The duffle bag that holds the complete kit weighs in at 23kg, costing £540/$700/€625, subject to exchange rates.



For more information, visit The Original Nomad


Check out the build video below;


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