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Alu-Cab … truck covers for your pick up

Pick-up sales are extremely healthy at the moment as more and more utility companies and commercial users turn to the 4×4 with traditional off-road abilities. As the Defender passes into history, commercial and overland users are looking for more cost-effective and reliable alternatives. A modified 4×4 pick-up truck fits the requirements for many who require a workhorse that will cope with constant off-road abuse, fewer breakdowns and get from A to B through the toughest of terrains.
Xtreme Sales, based in Christchurch Dorset, specialises in modifying all makes of pick-ups and 4×4 SUVs to a standard required by the toughest of commercial and overlanding use. They sell and fit products to transform capable working vehicles to unbeatable all-round, reliable trucks. Their branded products include; the Alu-Cab load-bed canopy, Rhino Bumpers, Rival underbody protection, Hutchinson wheels and TJM suspension systems to name but a few.
Over recent years, Xtreme Sales has built up a strong client database, offering individual bespoke build services, tailored to every customer, with every design stage discussed through to the finished product.


One of XS 4×4 Parts  specialties is the Alu Cab Truck Cover;


Imported from South Africa and made for the working pick up truck, the Alu Cab is ideal for commercial use.
alu-cab-2015“As well as being superbly designed and built, it is easy to fit,” explains Xtreme Sales’ Will Rhodes. “Alu Cabs are aluminium hardtops that come fully assembled. You can fit it them half an hour and for tools, it takes just one drill bit and a 13inch spanner”. Will also stated, “They are fully watertight, strong, lightweight, but offering excellent durability. If you bash one of the doors, there is no need to replace the whole canopy”.
Alu-Cabs can also absorb minor energy impacts and are flexible, which is noteworthy considering the workload they may be required to support. Many outlast the lifetime of the vehicles to which they are mounted.
alucab truck-cover
The Alu Cab is constructed from 3mm aluminium plate and weighing as little as 50kg, Alu-Cabs like for like are the strongest on the market and can be re-used after a rollover. They feature large side door panels that open fully upward, making life easy to access your load, instead of climbing in to reach gear at the top end. As a modular system,it can be fully adapted to the users’ specific needs, with any cupboards or recovery equipment individually fitted. The roof is braced with cross members so you can load items directly into the roof. For those looking to improve their environmental credentials the canopy is fully recyclable.
Prices for Alu-Cab hardtops start at £1,900 (excl VAT)
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