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All Terrain Tyres … which is fitting for you


Unless you are a serious mud plugger or your 4×4 spends virtually all of its time off road, All Terrain tyres are the choice for most capabilities.

Which leads us to the question, which All Terrain Tyres are right for your truck?

Here we tell you everything you need to know and look at what’s available on the market at the moment, prices do vary from outlets, so you need to do your research but there are good offers around especially online.


With the EU label regulations introduced in November 2012 tyres information is now tire-tyre-labelsstandardised labelled and displayed so we can compare tyres by fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise classification. Graded from A the highest performing to G the lowest performer, similar to electrical appliances, the Fuel efficiency is associated to a tyre’s rolling resistance, Wet Grip compares traction and the Noise gauge is measured by decibels external to the vehicle. Professional Off Road tyres are not included in the regulation.


Tyre Codes –tyre-rating


All Terrain Tyres coded A/T or T/A on the sidewall of the rubber are designed for a quiet smooth road ride in the week to the rough terrain of the weekend camping and adventuring.

265/70 R17 123R

The other digits and letters on the tyre wall refer to the sizes, load and speed, the first three numbers 265 refer to the width of the tyre measured across the tread, shoulder to shoulder in millimetres, the fourth and fifth digits relate to the tyre wall height as a percentage 70 is 70% of the tyre width. Next should be a letter R meaning Radial construction type, the plies are positioned at a 90-degree angle to the direction of travel for strength. Next two digits 17 are the wheel diameter, the hole in the middle from bead to bead and the size of the wheel rim the tyre is meant to fit. Two more codes are listed the Load Index number 123 = 1500kg, check the chart details for the maximum weight/load that tyre can carry. Lastly the Speed Rating, R = 106mph/170kph, again check the chart to see which top speed a tyre has been designed to handle.


Light Truck (LT) tyres have a heavy-duty construction designed for a higher load rating, off-road traction and endurance, so good for heavy loaders, trailer owners and rough trekkers. Road noise and fuel economy verses off-road traction, versatility and durability.



So what’s available on the market at the moment?

Well, we have put together a list of the most popular A/T products from reputable manufacturers, the rest is up to you, your choice, on lifestyle, vehicle use and of course cost.




All Terrain T/A KO2

50% road 50% off road

Fuel: F   Grip: B   Noise: 75 dB Load index: 115-121 Speed: R-S

Deep, aggressive tread pattern that extends to the sidewalls for extra grip, tyre shoulders have wide grooves and aggressive scalloped shaping. Made from three protective plies for damage resistance and durance. The stronger more endurable brother to the KO that’s been marketed since the 1970’s but with 20% tougher sidewalls, 19% more off road traction


Mud Terrain T/A KM2

20% road 80% off road

Fuel: F/G Grip: A/C   Noise: 76 dB Load index: 115-121 Speed: R-S

Sidewalls have aggressive lugs and with a thicker rubber they’re more resistant to chips and cuts, better for protection against rocks and when the tyre is used with low pressures.





Dueler A/T 697bridgestone-dueller

30% road 70% off Road

Labels not available

This offers tougher strength then it’s ‘little brother’ the Dueler A/T 694. Designed with the same pedigree but more endurable with a higher resistance to cuts and chips.






60% road 40% off Road  cooper-tyres-tires

Fuel: E   Grip: E   Noise: 72 dB Load index: 102-116 Speed: T

This tyre is gaining favouritism in the off road world having been around for some time mainly due to it’s wide range of sizes and all season ability. Its less aggressive tread pattern provides a quieter road experience but its technological ‘anti chip chemically treated silica compound’ makes it highly durable and with its ‘dual draft tread angles’ there is less chance of stones sticking in the tread plus a 2000 denier cord in the carcass ensure 33% increase in strength to its predecessor.

A L/T is also available.



30% road 70% off road

Fuel: F   Grip: B/C   Noise: 72-76 dB Load index: 115-123 Speed: Q

These are classed as Light Truck (L/T) made for the heavy trucker amongst. Strengthened in its tread and side walls with ‘3-ply Armor-Tek3’ for durability. All the benefits of the A/T3 by design just a chunkier monkey for a more serious off road where load weight is important.






80% road 80% off road

Fuel: E-F   Grip: C-F   Noise: 73-74 dB Load index: n/a Speed: n/a

Concentrating on low road noise shouldn’t eliminated this tyre because thanks to its ‘2 in 1 shoulder block pattern’ it’s still adequate at off road traction, claiming its flatter tread profile creates an even pressure ensuring even and longer tyre wear.






60% road 40% off road

Fuel: G   Grip: F   Noise: 72 dB Load index: 114 Speed: T

A good rugged all terrain tyre with a symmetrical five rib pattern meaning there is five rings of tread around the tyre. Considered a classic design it provides good durability and traction both on and off road. They have a good size range so if you’re sporting an unusual size wheel these could be for you.





Couragia A/T

70% road 30% off road

Fuel: F   Grip: C Noise: n/a dB Load index: 96 Speed: S

A budget all terrain tyre but where there’s need there’s must. Federal do a M/T (mud terrain) big brother which is seen in the rough tracks but this Courgia A/T can be brought in a L/T version so can be equally as competitive and good where load weight is a consideration.





Wrangler AT/R

50% road 50% off road

Fuel: E   Grip: C Noise: C  Load index: 107 Speed: T

Good traction off road with large shoulder notches to help throw out mud. A silicon compound aids grip in the wet and slippery conditions whilst a central groove helps channel water assisting performance.





Dynapro AT-M

60% road 40% off road

Fuel: F    Grip: F Noise: C Load index: 96- 120 Speed: R

Over from Korea where research and development are high on the list for success creating a tough tyre, durable to chip and cuts with added sidewall protection. A good cost effective tyre.






60% road 40% off road

Fuel: F   Grip: F Noise: C Load index: 96- 120 Speed: R

Gaining popularity in the 4×4 world this company has experience in off road from bikes to ATV. The AT-771 sticks with the popular 5 rib design with four grooves around the tyre to prevent aquaplaning and debris retention, a sturdy construction gives excellent off road handling and stability.





Terra Grappler G2

60% road 40% off road

Fuel: n/a   Grip: n/a  Noise: n/a Load index: n/a    Speed: n/a

Described as an all-terrain light truck tyre, so good for heavy loads and a good all season rubber. They are that confident in their new compound for this tyre it comes with a mileage warranty. A dual sidewall design and staggered shoulder lugs provide extra grip off road whilst the computer designed pitch tread blocks reduce road noise.





Scorpion ATR

60% road 40% off road

Fuel: E   Grip: C   Noise: 71 dB Load index: 102   Speed: T

This tyre has been around for some years with its soft compound and sticky tread and its new design keeps true to it’s original. Not a mud chugger but an adequate all round tyre.





Open Country A/T II

60% road 40% off road

Fuel: E   Grip: E   Noise: 70-72 dB Load index: 96-114   Speed: varied

Not an obvious name that springs to mind, but sports an asymmetric 5 rib tread design, has an aggressive side wall for traction and blocks to eject stones. Built with a special tread compound it has a good wear life and wet performance.





Geolandar A/T-S

70% road 30% off road

Fuel: F-G   Grip: A-C   Noise: 72-76 dB Load index: 96-114   Speed: varied

Multi-step inner tread block design and powerful sidewall protectors make this good for off road traction. Extra rigidness gives better control and cleaning.



If you are still unsure on what the best tyre is for you, then take a look at the Tyre Calculator, enter your details and see what tyre will suit, including any changes to your speedometer  reading, courtesy of 4×4 Tyres UK




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