All Electric Defender … on trial in Wales

The National Trust are trialling the new prototype electric powered Land Rover Defender on one of their farms in the wilds of the Snowdownia national park .

land-rover-defender-electric- under bonnet electric Electric-Defender-Research-Vehicle-3

The vehicle is being put through it’s paces by the farm team on all types of everyday use from rocky hill climbing, ford crossings, towing and general field work covering the 4,500 acre farm. This is the first time the Defender has been trialled on behalf of Land Rover for off road working environments and appears to be going well.

Reports say that the vehicle is coping very well and is no different than it’s conventional engine counterparts. The farm manager Arwyn Owen stated that the vehicle does not get charged every day and when a top up is required it is hooked up to the farm’s solar powered vehicle charging points.

We wait with eagerness to see if plans will be made to put this into production as the Defender’s future looks very limited at this time.