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All electric … 520bhp SxS UTV !!


The all electric off roaders are on their way …


A small company based in the US has quietly been working on projects to transform the world of transport.
Nikola is the latest automotive outfit named after an electrical pioneer (Nikola Tesla) to seemingly appear from the mists of the technology world.


One of their main projects has been to develop a Compressed Natural Gas/electric hybrid powered tractor unit for the road haulage industry.
The truck, called the Nikola One, has been designed, built and tested in secret over the past three years and is said to double the mpg over conventional trucks. It features a 150 gallon dHybrid gas storage system stacked behind its cab that fuels a turbine generator, which charges a 320 kilowatt-hour battery pack that drives six motors, one for each wheel. In this way, it works much like a diesel-electric locomotive.



However the vehicle that interests us is the Nikola Side by Side UTV, known as the Zero
The SxS Nikola vehicle is an awesome “520 bhp” all electric 4×4 side-by-side that can even run underwater.nikola-utv-top-4x4
The four-seat Nikola Zero UTV is being designed with 14.5“ of ground clearance and 20” of suspension travel, with a 0-60 speed of less than 3 seconds!
Its on-board computer can operate each of its four motors independently to maximize grip and handling, depending on the situation. Solar panels on the roof keep its 12-volt battery charged so its systems don’t need to draw from the main drive battery, which has a 100-150 mile range.
Many off road enthusiast who enjoy the open country like the idea of an emissions free UTV that helps protect the environment that they enjoy riding and driving preserving it for others to enjoy in the future. The Zero can rock crawl or blast through the desert with equal ease, and has no transmission belts to break, a frequent and inconvenient occurrence among UTVs. Priced at $42,000 or £29,250, the Zero costs about twice as much as a conventional high performance UTV, but Nikola has already received more deposits than expected and aims to start deliveries within 18 months.
The company CEO Trevor Milton stated “This is just the beginning for the company and the Electric Vehicle market“.
For more information visit; Nikola


Watch this space for updates of this radical new 4×4 vehicle and automotive company.



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