Scrubba wash bag
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A Washing Machine … that fits in your pocket. A must have for adventurers

The Scrubba Washbag is being advertised as the most compact washing machine in the world and like most good inventions it’s simple but effective.
1, Fill your wash bag with dirty clothes, water and detergent.scrubba
2, Roll down the bag and clip to seal.
3, Deflate excess air through the valve.
4, Rub the clothes around in the bag.
5, Empty dirty water and rinse with clean water.
6, Hang clothes to dry and reverse wash bag to dry.scrubba-washbag
“Simples !”
The Washbag works by recreating the tried and tested washboard principle with modules on the inside of the bag, so there is no need for sinks or wet hands.
Weighing in at 145g and small enough to fit in your pocket this bag can wash clothes in 30 seconds to 3 minutes depending on needs. Water consumption has also been taken into consideration, with minimal amount’s required for water preservation on long safari trips.
Just the idea to avoid having to make those smelly t-shirts last a day or two longer until you make it to town, is a nice thought, not to mention the crusty socks!.
Costing £34.00 including shipping it is not expensive and avoiding a few trips to a launderette can cover the cost, but for convenience, speed and ease of use it’s getting top marks from us.
Considering it size and weight this wash bag can be used on any adventure and is going to make compact scrubba wash kitpacking a whole lot easier.
The company also does a wash and dry kit that includes their Scrubba Wash bag, a Microfiber towel to partially dry clothes, a “no peg required” washing line and 2 inflatable coat hangers to speed drying. The kit comes in it’s own storage bag for £71.00


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