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A Spotlight on Ken Block

Ken Block … Who’s that ?  Some of you may ask … Well, Ken Block is pretty well known in the off road rally circles, currently driving professionally for the ken blockHoonigan Racing Division, formerly known to all of us as the Monster World Rally Team.
Originally Ken was a co-founder for DC shoes back in 1994 (for snow boarding & skate boarding) In 2004 Quicksilver bought DC shoes for $87 million. This gave Ken his time to shine in what he loved, off road driving.
trax raptorAfter starting to become noticed in 2005 his career could only move one way, upwards. After several years with Subaru WRX team and winning events around the globe, film shoot with BBC Top Gear, several X Games under his belt and the youtube hit Gymkhana 2. Block then moved to Ford in January 2010 to the Focus RS WRC Team.
To date Ken has been the driver in Codemasters Colin McRae Dirt 2 and in Dirt 3 as a driver & teacher, had several more movies that have gone viral on-line (5.1 million viewings in 24 hrs) and now owns his own race company, Hoonigan.

 Hoonigan Racing Division

 What we really do like though, are some of his toys  ….. check out this video …