A Regal Defender … from Startech


The German top end tuners Startech, famed for their tweaks to “G” Wagons etc, have turned their magic on to the lowly Defender. The Land Rover icon was never offered in an exclusive trim, such as Autobiography, deemed to be far too utilitarian, but with the huge following the Defender now has, Startech have given it the regal touch for those who want it.


The legendary truck has been customised both inside and out, with the most obvious upgrades residing in the cabin wheredefender-by-startech-a there’s now a leather-wrapped sporty steering wheel and shiny new aluminium pedals. But the pièce de résistance is the bespoke cream leather upholstery combined with lovely white surfaces on the seats, central armrest/cubby box, and on the door panels. These two colours are separated by a subtle blue strip also noticeable on the black body and wheels. The Startech Defender boasts a Focal sound system with a trio of Swell speakers over in the back where the team have installed a lovely wood floor and applied a similar cream upholstery for the two benches.


Stepping outside of the vehicle, the off roader sits on one-piece 18-inch Monostar D Black wheels and comes with aluminium running boards. The tuner has decided to black out the “Defender” lettering at the front to blend nicely with the predominantly dark exterior theme. There’s also a custom grille with an extra set of lights, all LED, along with a new bonnet, snorkel and mud flaps.


For those who would rather patiently wait for the all new Defender, Land Rover says is “not far away,” though the automaker has not provided an exact timetable. It is believed the next generation is pinned for a 2018 launch and will improve upon the winning recipe, but with some changes in order to attract buyers from the younger generation.


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