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A Military Ferret or a Race Truck ???


Many will remember the old military scout car known as the Ferret.
Designed way back in the 1940’s the light armoured vehicle proved to be an instant success with military buyers world wide with over 60 variants produced and more than 4,000 units made.
But here we have the only one with a V8 engine and the main gun replaced with a winch cannon !!


This is 1959 ferret is the brain child from the Toyo Tyres marketing department and built by Action Vehicle Engineering of California, the people famous for the “Hot Wheels” real life loop the loop cars.
The impression given is the Ferret body has been built onto a desert racing or Ultra 4 vehicle with super long King shocks. The middle wheels are usually just spares on a standard spec Ferret, but here can be activated with hydraulic motors to assist climbing obstacles.
A rear mounted V8 Chevy LS provides the grunt and accompanying soundtrack.
However, by far the Ferret’s coolest feature is the grappling hook with attached winch cable. It actually fires a hook out of the turret, which latches on to a presumably strong point allowing the Ferret to drag itself over or out of something its huge wheels can’t handle unassisted.
Well, that’s how it looks in the video but not so simple in the real world, but hey … it looks good on video.


You may recognise the man in the driving seat, yes it’s Toyo Tyres backed off road racing driver BJ Baldwin also famed for his Toyo Tyres Recoil series of stunt driving films.
Toyo Tyres are not forth-coming with any further details, not even the tyre sizes, but as marketing trucks go it has to get a thumbs up for rugged style and being different.


Check out the video from Toyo below;


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