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A Land Cruiser Pickup …. 6×6

When you say Land Cruiser, we all picture the big chunky Toyota flagship  luxury 4×4, or the earlier versions that most 4×4 enthusiasts like and respect for there off road agility.
But what if we were to say have you seen the 6×6 pickup version? Well yes there is one, but not directly available from Toyota.



This Toyota Land Cruiser isn’t quite as sophisticated as some of the latest 6×6 vehicles on the market today like the Mercedes G63. With a humble 4.0ltr supercharged V6 and a five speed manual gearbox, it’s not the fastest but it will do the job it’s intended for.
According to the video, the 6X6 Land Cruiser is a joint product by NSV from Dubai and Multidrive Technology from Australia. NSV claims it gives 398 horsepower and 364 pound-feet of torque from the V6. A 4.5ltr diesel V8 with an automatic transmission are an option too.
According to the clip, the Truck excels at reliability, and the text goes so far as to claim vehicle is “virtually indestructible.” We have seen that from the legendary Top Gear kill a Toyota pickup stunt.


Multidrive’s website shows that they specialise in 4×4 conversions for the military, mining, and firefighting, so we would bet a lot of the firm’s expertise is in this vehicle making it something to excel in tough environments.
Although not sold en-mass to the European market, the vehicles are available to order and import to your specification.



Here is a short promotional video of the vehicle …



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