A Jeep Pick-up by 2019 … maybe

Jeep pick-ups are not a new idea, but adding one to the range could be on the cards jeep-pick-upby 2019. Pictures shown are that of the Gladiator concept, intent of production was officially cancelled last year with no reasons given.
Jeep CEO Mike Manley is a big fan of the pick up and has brought the concept back into the limelight, he has confirmed that he would like to see one added to the modern Jeep portfolio as early as possible.
Although the company’s five year plan has no mention of the pick up, discussions are underway as Jeep knows they have a hole in their line up and the pick up utility is a big seller world wide for other manufacturers.
Logic would suggest the Jeep Wrangler would be the likely platform to add the truck option, with quiet rumours that the new generation Wrangler having 3.0ltr Diesel eco engines, 8 speed auto box, beam axles front & rear, aluminium body and fixed windscreens, this would make sense and be a very practical off road vehicle.
We wait to see …


jeep-wrangler-pick-up jeep-gladiatorconcept-C jeep-gladiatorconcept-E


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