Dartz Black Shark
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A Futuristic Reality …. the Prombron Black Shark

Dartz has recently presented their latest offering to the market, known as the Prombron Black Shark.
Like something from the Mad Max futuristic world this beast has it all and more, to suit the likes of James Bond.
Only 5 are to be made as of yet, and based on the Mercedes G class with AWD, engine options of V8 twin turbo 5.5 Ltr or V12 6Ltr with an upgrade option to tune up to 1,500bhp.
Equipment fitted can include retina, fingerprint scanner, electrochromatic privacy glass (clear to black at the flick of a switch), anti paparazzi electric shock body work, disappearing door handles, B7 armour rated for sniper rounds, titanium & Kevlar mine protection, signal jammer, crown dispersing sirens and strobes not forgetting all angle hidden cameras.
Mercedes driver assist package will also be included for the work end, whilst the passenger compartment will have in car entertainment supplied by a PS4, X box 1, and LTE Hotspot.

 dartzprombronblackshark  dartzimage  Black Shark

If you need to ask the price … you won’t be having one.
 For more info about Dartz …       http://dartzkombat.com/