A 4×4 … with a complete rethink for design

The Swincar … ever heard of it ?? probably not as it was only revealed to the world last month.
The vehicle as it stands now resembles more of an off road buggy for one person, all electric, unbelievable handling swincharacteristics and independant driving wheels with link arm suspension.
The history of Swincar started seven years ago with designer Pascal Rambaud, in France. An architect by training, his passion for mountaineering and motorsports has directed him along the path to create the Swincar . He now splits swin2his time between his manufacturing profession and his career as an inventor. Having sold more than 10,000 copies worldwide of his first invention, the DRIV’UP (Kart handling equipment), Pascal has since worked from 2007 on its draft design of tilting the vehicle.
We can envisage these little machines being raced off road in future years, and possible larger versions constructed if all goes well with the design and demand. Already on the cards is a double seat version and a joystick operated unit for people with reduces mobility.
Follow the link below to read more on this amazing little 4×4 machine ….

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