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A 4×4 all Electric truck … for 2018


Electric truck startup Bollinger Motors is working on its first vehicle, and plans to unveil it this summer. There hasn’t yet been that much information available about the company’s prototype truck, other than teaser images, but the ground-up design is slowly being revealed. Now, the all-aluminum chassis has been unveiled, and it’s said to weigh only 295 pounds, while reportedly remaining structurally and rigid.


Instead of reworking an existing design to suit their needs, the engineers at Bollinger say they have sketched the chassis and the vehicle to be a credible electric sport truck from the beginning.


In their words “We are engineering the world’s first all-electric off-road and on-road sport utility truck. By designing the truck from the ground up, we are creating a unique vehicle capable of exceptional off-road performance, combined with never-before-seen utility features. The all-electric, dual-motor drivetrain creates best-in-class horsepower and torque. All-wheel drive and 50/50 weight distribution provide unbeatable traction, and the suspension delivers best-in-class ground clearance. The end result is the perfect truck for work and play”.


As it needs to act as a showcase for their electric all-wheel-drive system, The team went on to say the choice to go electric was the belief that that’s eventually where transportation will be. However, the decision was driven by more than utopian idealism. Some of the potential advantages cited are the quiet operation that could come in handy while hunting, as well as the potential of using the vehicle itself as a power source for an off-grid cabin or plugging in power tools, Bollinger says it should be capable both on and off road, rattling off measurements believed to be optimal for off-roading. The truck will have a wheelbase of 105 inches, a 68-inch track, an approach angle of 56 degrees, departure angle of 53 degrees, and break-over angle of 33 degrees.


It offers 15.5 inches of ground clearance, but that is adjustable with a self-leveling independent hydropneumatic suspension, which sounds interestingly Citroën-like, but used in a truck application. There is 10 inches of wheel travel available, and disconnectable anti-roll bars allow full suspension articulation when off-roading. The truck’s hydraulic steering rack is an in-house design, so that Bollinger could get it fine-tuned the way they wanted it.


The chief engineer at Bollinger, Karl Hacken, says the chassis enables the battery storage system to be mounted as low as possible, with a low center of gravity in mind. Since the truck appears to be an engineer’s dream first, it will be interesting to see what kind of body Bollinger has decided to craft for it. Their no-nonsense approach and the accompanying image of a cardboard model suggests a Defender-like, butch and blocky appearance.

Another intriguing glimpse into the design of the truck is one of the developers saying “you could put a 20-foot piece of timber through the middle of the truck” suggesting a pass-through between the bed and cab. Also of interest was another video on the company’s YouTube channel showing the assembly of a portal axle hub and front knuckle. The components look appropriately beefy, and the eight wheel lugs show that this is going to be a pretty substantial vehicle.


Check out the teams plans in the video …



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